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Shepherd Assembly Agenda

Spring 2012 Meeting of the Shepherd University Assembly

Monday, April 9, 2012
4:10 p.m.
Erma Ora Byrd Building Auditorium


I. Call to Order/Approval of Minutes, Fall 2011 - Dr. Mark Cantrell

II. President's Report - Dr. Suzanne Shipley

III. Approval of Candidates for Graduation - Ms. Tracy Seffers

IV. Elections - Dr. Mark Cantrell

A. Moderator - (Dr. Mark Cantrell is incumbent)

B. Secretary - (Ms. Melissa Scotton is incumbent)

C. Parliamentarian - (Dr. Anders Henriksson is incumbent)

D. Student Life Council - (one position open)

V. Reports to the Assembly

A. Advisory Council of Faculty - Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt

B. President of Faculty Senate - Dr. Jason Best

C. Advisory Council of Classified Employees - Mr. Ken Harbaugh

D. Student Life Council - Dr. Joyce Webb

E. Chair of Classified Employees Council - Mr. Brian Hammond

VI. Proposed Amendment to Article IV, Section 7 of the Shepherd University Constitution - Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt

VII. Adjournment - Dr. Mark Cantrell

Shepherd University Assembly

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