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Welcome to our page. We are the United Brothers of Shepherd University. We live by our pledge and we live for each other. Our purpose is to achieve academic excellence, provide community service, strengthen and build character, and to give support and guidance for brotherhood through African American issues. Strong African American men are needed in all careers, schools, and families. We prepare ourselves for these life lessons then challenge each other to take the knowledge to the world. With all this in mind we make sure we never forget to remember those who died in the struggle for our cause. We live for those who sacrificed for our well-being while building a community of positive successful men.
Through our brotherhood and bond we strengthen and encourage each other. I am my brother's keeper. My brother is my family and has a piece of my blood. My blood is what keeps me breathing from day to day so I must protect it. Many forces will come to break us but they will not succeed, because we are strong in determination , belief, and numbers. It's a lot of them but it's more of us.


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