TRiO/SSS Services

Academic Advising:

TRiO/SSS Counselors strive to help students make informed decisions related to their majors. Program participants have privileged access to early course selection and registration.

Academic Tutoring:

TRiO/SSS works closely with the Academic Support Center to provide you with a tutor for your various classes. If the Academic Support Center does not have a tutor on hand for your particular class, we will hire one for you.

Financial Aid and Financial Literacy Assistance:

TRiO/SSS Counselors guide students to secure the appropriate financial resources available through individual counseling, program resources, and cooperation with Shepherd University’s office of Financial Aid.

Individual Success Plan Completion:

Students are encouraged to meet with their TRiO/SSS counselors to complete this Individual Success Plan (ISP). Students will set short and long term goals for the semester and their academic career. Students will work toward completion of these goals in the time frame set.


TRiO/SSS offers workshops on time management, study skills, test-taking strategies and computer literacy that seek to enhance students’ academic and personal development.

Cultural and Educational Activities:

TRiO/SSS organizes activities throughout the year to expose students to the cultural richness and diversity in the greater DC area.

Access to TRiO Lab:

TRiO/SSS provides computers, printing, copying, scanning, and faxing free of charge to program participants.

Career Counseling and Planning:

An undergraduate education is important not only to the development of a student’s knowledge, but also to the nurturing of the student’s future vocation. TRiO/SSS provides career counseling and planning.