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Colmar, France 2015
Salzburg, Austria 2015
Verona, Italy 2015
Kalabaka, Greece 2015
Mykonos, Greece 2015
Lucerne, Switzerland 2015
Paris, France 2015
London, England 2015
Lucerne, Switzerland 2015

Why We Travel

One of the things we emphasize in the Department of Contemporary Art and Theater is the need for our students to have an international traveling experience while at Shepherd. In order to foster these experiences, art department faculty lead annual short-term study abroad trips to different places around the globe. In the past two decades, we have taken students to Italy, Spain, France, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Ghana, and Cuba. While most of our trips occur during Spring Break, in 2015 we also started offering a more immersive experience by offering a month-long trip across Europe. The chance to see firsthand the great works of art that inspire our students is a crucial part of our program, and we make efforts to ensure that all of our students have an opportunity to have one of these life-changing experiences.

2016-17 TRAVEL

May 14-June 12, 2017 European Trip

Travel Across Europe beginning in Paris, and ending with a Greek cruise. Itinerary includes Paris, Ghent, Bruges, Amsterdam, Colmar, Cologne, Heidelberg, Lucerne, Salzburg, Venice and the Venice International Contemporary Art Exhibit, Florence, Rome, Sorrento and Athens.

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