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Training and Development

Business and Legal Reports (

Shepherd subscribes to Business and Legal Reports, a service that offers training programs for faculty and staff. Training modules can be delivered in two ways—Desktop Tutorials or PowerPoint Presentations. Supervisors are encouraged to utilize BLR training for themselves and their employees.  A list of topics and instructions for accessing the training can be found here.

Educational Activities

Employees are encouraged to utilize University educational opportunities for career development and self-improvement. An employee, at the discretion of his/her immediate supervisor, based on operational need, may receive time off during
scheduled work hours for the purpose of attending educational activities. Work release time is subject to the prior approval of the employee’s executive officer or director. Occasional in-service training may be required as a term of employment. Supervisors have discretion over requiring employees to attend specified training activities.

Instructional Technology

Please click here to read about training and support provided by the Instructional Technology staff.