Dear Parents...

Associate Member with his mother at his pinning ceremony pinning cermony
Theta Xi family picnic
Theta Xi Family Picnic

Throughout the decades, Greek life has been subject to a variety of negative stereotypes. Many parents have conserns about their children "Going Greek" because of these stereotypes. Here are a few answers to some questions that your parents may have about Theta Xi.

Will my child be hazed?

  • Absolutely NOT! Theta Xi strictly prohibits and condemns hazing of Associate Members and current Members. We feel that the programs Associate Members participate in should be of a positive and constructive nature and has been unequivocally opposed to hazing and pre-initiation activities because they do not add positively to the associate member’s or member’s understanding of the history, ideals, traditions, principles, and/or Ritual of Theta Xi Fraternity.

    How will my child benefit from joining a Fraternity?

  • Theta Xi will help your child make the absolute best of their college experience. We help make our members well rounded by initiating and participating in philanthropies, fundraisers, various student organizations and governments, and Shepherd University sponsored events. Participating in executive and chair positions will teach your child about democratic self-government, policy, event planning, and many other skills developed from practicing leadership. Theta Xi also provides a local and National network for employment opportunites and many other resources.
  • What are my child's dues going towards?

  • The majority of dues go towards Nationals that sponsor leadership initiative programs, district and national conventions, and other general expenses that it takes to run a non-profit organization. The remainder of dues goes towards our local chapter to host socials, cover event costs, and fund Shepherd events such as Homecoming, Greek Week, and Relay For Life.