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Acts as the business & finance officer for the chapter. Supervises income and expenditures that include financial reporting, planning and budgeting, and oversees and maintains interest-bearing accounts. Provides assistance to chapter officers, chapter advisor, and alumni association as requested.

Brent Francis

brent Name and Roll Number: Brent Francis- ΓΑ 303
Major: History and Political Science
Minor: N/A
Contact Information:  
Other Organizations: IFC, Alpha Phi Omega
    Video games, Sports
Favorite Quote: ''It was absolutely involuntary. They sank my boat.''
—President John Kennedy, answering a little boy on how he became a war hero
    Job Responsibilities:
  • Directs all financial planning, development, and budgeting for the chapter. Establishes developmental goals (along with the chapter advisor, president, and/or vice president). Provides guidance and direction to committee members in establishing goals that directly support the goals of the chapter. Requires all officers to submit budget requests prior to the beginning of each term.

  • Evaluates and implements various financial programs. Establishes plans to improve the chapter’s financial position. Ensures necessary communication is established and maintained with the chapter regarding its financial status, as well as the status of individual members.

  • Creates, prepares, processes and maintains records of financial transactions such as, but no limited to: receipts, disbursements, checkbook reconciliation, and deposits. Creates and maintains all financial records, housing/dues contracts, etc. Recommends improvements of accounting procedures, practices, systems, and files. Audits and reviews financial records and prepares journal entries to correct any errors.

  • Prepares necessary tax documents in an efficient and effective manner. Prepares and maintains copies for future reference.

  • Serves as an undergraduate representative to the alumni association; attends scheduled meetings to represent the chapter’s needs from a financial perspective. Meets with members of the alumni association board to develop, discuss, and implement various ideas and programs.

  • Chairs the Finance Committee and ensures appropriate meetings are held monthly, or as necessary. Receives appeals and requests for payment plans and makes decisions in a fair and consistent manner.

  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the president, vice president and/or alumni association board.

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