Scholarship Chair

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Serves as the chapter’s academic officer with primary responsibility
for understanding and seeing that the chapter complies with the chapter’s,
Fraternity’s, and institution’s academic standards. Reviews and makes
recommendations to the president for academic programs and budgets.
Oversees scholarship programs and related budgets for the chapter, study
resources, and scholarship awards.

Steave Sanderson

Steve Name and Roll Number: Steave Sanderson - ΓΑ 306
Major: Computer Engineering
Minor: N/A
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Positions Held: N/A
Other Organizations: Robotics
  • Kayaking
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    Job Responsibilities:
  • Develops, maintains, encourages and interprets the academic standards of the chapter, Fraternity, and institution. Provides guidance and direction to committee members in setting goals and objectives that directly support the goals and objectives of the chapter. Reviews and makes recommendations to the executive council regarding improvements in the overall scholarship program.

  • Administers academic award review procedures for qualifying members (actives and AMs). Establishes, and updates as necessary, standards for determining qualifications for award(s) considerations.

  • Assists the membership educator in establishing sound, quality academic programs for AMs. This will include, but is not limited to: study guides, test file maintenance and accessibility, study sheets and assistance (both internal and external), etc.

  • Reviews the chapter’s scholarship programs each academic term. Informs the EBoard of any areas requiring improvements and/or revisions. Provides an analysis of the program to the president prior to each mid-term.

  • Reports any academically challenged individuals (members and AMs) to the vice president. Discusses options/solutions to the problems. Utilizes and implements best option available to ensure resolution of situation.

  • Exemplifies responsibility for programs and budgets of the office. Submits budget requests to the Treasurer prior to the beginning of each term. Assists in the administration of an effective budget control program.

  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the president and/or vice president.
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