Junior Stewart

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Develops, schedules, and oversees social activities for the chapter. Ensures that the chapter’s social calendar supports the goals and purposes of the chapter and Fraternity. Provides guidance and direction to committee members. Communicates with other chapter officers and chairs to ensure appropriate scheduling, planning, organization, and preparation of events. Follows and enforces all risk management policies of the chapter, Fraternity, and college/university.

Sean Fuellhart

Name and Roll Number: Sean Fuellhart - ΓΑ 293
Major: Business Admin.
Minor: Marketing
Contact Information: 304-839-4982
Other Organizations: Alpha Phi Omega
Hobbies/Interests: TV, Video Games, Lawn Gnomes
Favorite Quote: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." 
- Master Oogway
    Job Responsibilities:
  • Provides guidance and direction to committee members in setting goals and objectives within the assigned office that directly supports the chapter’s goals and objectives.

  • Utilizes Fraternity, campus and community resources to address issues that might include academics, personal development, career planning, tutoring/studying services, risk management, student health topics, etc.

  • Uses Fraternity educational programs for educating chapter members. Such programming will include The Quest, Values Into Action, Brother-to-Brother and Alpha Nine.

  • Informs the membership about scheduled speakers to ensure the highest attendance possible. Records speaker information (i.e., name, phone, address, profession, topic possibilities, etc.) in officer notebook to provide a written record for future Membership Educators.

  • Utilizes and ensures adherence to the Associate Member Education Core Program (Alpha Nine) for the AM educational process. Includes other undergraduates and alumni brothers in the educational process of AMs.

  • Acts as the liaison for AMs and communicates their concerns to the general chapter. Provides feedback to AMs suggestions and concerns.

  • Submits budget requirements to the treasurer for program costs prior to the beginning of each term.

  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the president and/or vice president.
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