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Theta Xi was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York, on April 29, 1864, by Peter Henry Fox, Ralph Gooding Packard, Christopher Champlin Waite, George Bradford Brainerd, Samuel Buel Jr., Henry Harrison Farnum, Thomas Cole Raymond, and Nathaniel Henry Starbuck. Minutes of the original meeting, Constitution and Ritual have been preserved by the Fraternity to this day. Our tradition is truly continuous.

On August 26-29, 1951, The “Purpose of Theta Xi” was adopted by the 87th Anniversary Convention (Pittsburgh).

Merger with Kappa Sigma Kappa

Upon completion of informal talks held between representatives of Kappa Sigma Kappa and Theta Xi in 1962, it was concluded that a merger would prove beneficial to both organizations. Kappa Sigma Kappa had three main reasons for favoring a merger. First, and most important, it had been unable to obtain National Interfraternity Conference (NIC) membership because several of its chapters were on unaccredited campuses. Some of its chapters had disaffiliated or lost host institution recognition as a result of the fraternity’s failure to obtain NIC membership (Theta Xi had been a member since 1911). Second, its membership expressed a need for stronger organizational structure with a sound financial footing, more uniform chapter operations, and a larger base of alumni volunteers. Last, the fraternity saw a need for a central office with paid personnel, including a full-time executive and traveling staff. Theta Xi could provide all of these needs. The two fraternities also seemed to complement each other, since there was no duplication of chapters.

Following a series of meetings the terms of the proposed merger were agreed upon and subsequently ratified by the governing bodies of the two fraternities. As part of the merger agreement, the Theta Xi Fraternity flower was changed from the white carnation to the blue iris, the fleurs-de-lis on the coat of arms were replaced with upright crescents and the title of the membership manual was changed from The Theta Xi Pledge Manual to The Quest For Theta Xi.

On August 20, 1962, twenty-one chapters of Kappa Sigma Kappa located at accredited schools were received into the Bonds of Theta Xi. Each of these chapters received a Greek-letter designation prefaced by Kappa. Seven chapters, which were ineligible to come into Theta Xi because they were located on unaccredited campuses, reorganized their national structure and continued under the name Kappa Sigma Kappa.