Associate Members

Criteria for Membership Consideration

In order to be considered for membership into Theta Xi, you must have graduated high school with at least a GPA of 3.0 -ΘR- Have a college GPA of 2.3 or higher. If you do not meet one of these criteria, you cannot undergo the Associate Member Process. However, Theta Xi offers tutoring and peer counseling to help you achieve the necessary GPA to become an Associate Member!

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Recruitment Chair: Matt Yates (410) 948-7773

What is an Associate Member?

Associate Member Sheild

The period of associate membership is the beginning of your quest for Theta Xi. As an associate member, you are considered by the Fraternity as one who shall be taught the ideals and traditions of our organization before becoming qualified for full membership. Thus, the associate member period is really an orientation and educational period. On becoming an associate member, you surrender none of your legal or social rights and none of your moral or religious ideals and standards . Although your status as an individual changes as you voluntarily take on new responsibilities by joining a group, you will have also opened the door to many new opportunities.

The Quest for Theta Xi

The Quest for Theta Xi is the public document which describes the history, structure, and operations of Theta Xi to prospective members, members, parents, and the community at large. Its information is drawn from a number of historical sources, as well as from the Constitution and By-Laws.

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Alpha Nine

“We were all deeply sensible of the importance of the occasion since from this night we receive the new made member as a brother. And in doing so it becomes us to pause well, and consider, and realize, if possible, the sacred character of the occasion, since henceforth we all must be responsible for the character and making of the man. It becomes us as true brothers, joined hand in hand and bound together by indissoluble ties, to take it upon ourselves, each and all of us, to endeavor to instill in his youthful mind the high and noble principles which we profess to keep.”
-Thomas Cole Raymond, on the Initiation of Edward Morrison May 7, 1864.

Since the founding of the Fraternity and the initiation of Edward Morrison as
Alpha 9, Theta Xi has taken the process educating new members and making them
brothers very seriously. As Brother Raymond wrote, it is our responsibility to
foster Theta Xi’s values among our members. We do this through education. The
Alpha Nine program was created for that purpose. Named in Brother Morrison’s
honor, the Alpha Nine program is a guide to help chapters educate their new
members in all areas of fraternity life with emphasis is placed on the Fraternity’s
history, organization, and values. The Associate Member Core Education Program
is the heart and soul of Alpha Nine, but in addition to the core program, Alpha
Nine has many practical applications for ongoing education with the entire chapter.
Utilizing the entire Alpha Nine guide provides brothers with ongoing membership
education opportunities that will benefit each member individually and the chapter
as a whole.