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Shepherd University Frank Center Auditorium

Technical Specification Brief

Guy J. and Alice Frank Center for the Creative Arts

PO Box 3210

100 West Campus Drive

Shepherdstown, WV 25443

304-876-5447- Auditorium Manager Office,  304-876-9317 Fax,



Visual Theatre Description           

            The Frank CAC Stage is a proscenium style theatre of standard 1980 academic construction standards.  The Seating is in dull orange flip bottom auditorium seats arranged in 15 rows of about 32 each.  The Lobby entrances are located in the rear of the House on the right and left side of the auditorium.  These aisles step down 7” for each new seating row.  Step edges are marked with glow treads.  Rows are smooth sealed concrete floor lettered B (stage) to P (Lobby).  Each Aisle has two double doors that allow exit to side hallways as well 1/3 in from both the front and back of House.  House is concrete block wall and drywall ceiling painted light Blue.  The rear wall of the house is acoustic wood treatment.  A control booth runs the width of the House in the rear at ceiling height.  Two lighting side coves are located halfway back on the walls and a FOH Cove positions runs across the ceiling at the same position.  Stage is 3’ tall and has two small staircase built in on either side that continue house aisles up onto stage (these can be plugged).  Proscenium wall is painted satin black.  14” triangle truss hangs over the apron to support the flown Mains for the sound system and provide 40’ of lighting hang position.  Stage fly system is controlled from Stage Right while entrance from dressing rooms is on Stage Left. 


House Capacity Information     

Standard Seating:  422 (Handicap seating additional 6)

            -Printable/Viewable Box Office Friendly Seating Charts        -PDF        -JPEG                                                                                            Special Thanks to Chris Adams for original drafting

-Arranged in descending tiers from Lobby entrances at rear of Auditorium except for final two rows that rise above Lobby level.  Rows are continental style with no central aisle.  Rows average about 32 seats each

-An additional 35 seats can be added in the front of the Auditorium (total of 455 seats).  These seats are loose chairs clipped together at the legs for fire code compliance.  These seats are not ideal seats as eye level is the stage floor.  Addition of this row means that there is no crossover from the House Right to House Left Entrance Aisles except in the Lobby.


                        Handicap Seating:  6     

-Arranged in two sections (House Left and Right) at Lobby level in rear of House

-Please note:  If using FOH Sound or Lighting- it must be set up in one of these two areas- thereby removing 3 seats

-Renting organizations can only use one seating area. One must always remain open for wheelchairs.


Load In/Dock Information

                        Dock:  -30 Feet Wide x 3 Feet Tall (Box Truck Height)   Dock is covered and lit. 

-Dock Leveler (Ramp Style) on right side of Dock will accept from Pickup Trucks through Tractor Trailers.

                                    -Driveway extends straight off dock and easily accepts a 52’ Trailer

                                    -Driveway connects to WV Route 45 via Ό mile West Campus Dive.

                                    -Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene are available at end W. Campus Dr.


Entry: Roll up Garage Door (10’Wide by 10’Tall) between Dock staging area (25’ square) and Scene Shop.

            Scene Shop sits immediately behind Stage and is connected with a double door 8’Wide by 11’ Tall.  Road Boxes can be securely stored in Shop for run of event.


Smallest Dimension:

            Dock to Stage:  8’Wide by 10’ Tall

            Dock to FOH:   5’-6” Wide by 7’ Tall


Stage Dimensions and Specifications


                                                Main Section:

                                                T&G Pine, Sprung, Painted Semi Gloss Black


                                                Smooth Concrete, Painted Semi Gloss Black


                                                Wenger Corp Pit Covers, Masonite Skin, Painted Semi Gloss Black



                                    Proscenium Opening:     17’-9”H x 40’W

                                    Front of Apron to Back Wall:  37’-3”

                                    Main Curtain (Plasterline) to Front of Apron:  13’-6”

                                    Main Curtain (Plasterline) to Cyc (Furthest Lineset):  20’-6”

                                    Proscenium Opening to Side Walls-  6’-10’ depending on location


                                    Maximum Out on Standard Linesets:                  37’-0”

                                    Maximum Out on Electric Linesets:                    26’-0"


Plasterline to Rear of House:              61’-0”

Height of Truss over Deck:  18'-6", located 4' from DS edge of Pit, centered ,20'-0" in both directions- 40'-0" Total Length


Support Spaces

2 Cast Dressing Rooms

                        Located 10’ off Stage Left

                        -Each has small bathroom with single stall and double sink(NO SHOWER), 6’ of hanging rack, and 8’ of counter with lights, mirrors and chairs for 4 people.     


Chorus Dressing Rooms

-Only available with prior arrangements (at least 2 weeks), but are classrooms with no facilities and limited privacy.  These vary in size depending on room availabilities. 


Laundry Facilities

There are NO facilities located in the Theatre.  A 24 hour laundry mat is available Ό mile from Theatre


Sound/Light/SM Booth

-Located in rear of house, 18’ above audience.

-Only accessible by spiral staircase (very narrow)


            Box Office

                                    -Located in Main Lobby with ticket counter for 2 sellers.

                                    -Internet Access (Ethernet) and Digital Phone Line available

                                    -There is no analog phone service for Credit Card Machines

                                    -There is a cash drawer and sorting areas beyond access from patrons


            Lobby and Main Restrooms

                                    -Lobby will hold about 75 people

                                    -Two restrooms- Men’s 2 stalls/3 urinals, Women’s: 3 stalls


           Additional Restrooms

                                    -Second Set down main hall, 60 feet.  Mens- 2 urinals/2 stalls, Women's 3 Stalls

                                    -Main Restrooms for Butcher Center Gymnasium 60 Feet across court yard

                                                                    -Very large, meant to service 1200 during games- Prior arrangements must be made .


            Scene Shop

                                    -Located immediately behind the stage, it can provide storage for road cases





Stage Communications

Clear Com (Show Intercom)

        -Clear Com is on a battery backup UPS.  During a power outage, communication will last for 5 minutes between wired stations.

Hard Wired connections

                                    Stage Left, Stage Right, Sound Board, Light Board, SM

Jack in Plates (open)

                                    Handicap areas in rear of House, FOH Cove, both sides of stage

2 Wireless Packs with 250’ range on Deck (TELEX BTR-200)


Intercom (FOH Intercom)

           -FOH Intercom is on a battery backup UPS.  During a power outage, communication will last for 5 minutes between wired stations.

Phone style intercom connects SM, Box Office, and House Manager



Stage monitoring (Audio Only) covers- Both Dressing Rooms, backstage Hallway, Lobby, and New Band Room





Lighting Information

University events will determine the availability of inventory for incoming programs.  Incoming Events should contact Auditorium Management directly to confirm current available inventory

Local LX and FX Rental Companies:

    Parlights, Frederick MD  301-698-9242

    Atmosphere, Inc, Silver Spring MD  301-585-2100



 ETC 72/144 Express

(600 Scene computer or 72 channel 2-Scene Preset, 24 Subs)

144 Faders for Manual Control + computer control

-Wired Remote Focus Unit on Stage Deck

-All controllable channels are 20amp Stage Pin Connectors (2P&G)


Dimming: (132 Channels of 2.4kW dimming)

    -Graphic Circuit Layout         -JPEG            -PDF


         96 Channel CD-80 Rack @2.4kW

Hardwired with Digital Upgrade Controller


24 Channel ETC Sensor Pack @ 2.4kW 

                                    Located in Attic to serve Truss and Smoke Pocket positions via Multi-cable


12 Channel Stand CD-80 Pack @2.4kW

                                    Located on Deck for floor mount and Trees- Stage Pin Connectors



            Power Supply

2  220VAC 60 Amp Single Phase Company Switches are located 15 feet behind the stage  

            -Bare Wire Tie in or 50 amp Range plug (3 wire)                 

3  20 Amp Edison Outlets/circuits on stage deck (SL, SR, Rear Stage Wall)


There are limited numbers of top hats, barn doors, color frames, and pattern holders available for use with advanced notice.  Incoming groups are responsible for all pattern and color deviations from rep plot.


Unless prior arrangements are made: a rep plot consists of an even stage wash of cool and warms with a three color cyc wash.  There are two focusable specials on the FOH Catwalk (These are not followspots)





Sound Information

            Standing  House sound system is always available.  It can handle 12 stage inputs, 2 post/pre monitor mixes, Main Stereo mix and surround speakers in Auditorium House.  Additionally, 2 CD players are inserted in control booth.  System has very low noise floor in operation and will provide even sound from 30Hz to 18,000Hz.  System can also take up to 6 feeds from a back of house mixer for touring productions to use House processing, amps, and speakers.  Touring systems are not permitted to directly tie into amps or speakers due to lack of set limiters.


            Recording of Program

Shows can be recorded on either DAT or Cassette Tape.  Group must provide media and can either be board feed or aerial mic feed (stage monitors)


Mixing Console

            Mackie 1604VLC

                        16 mono input, 6 aux out, 2 aux return, 4 sub/LR output



            Main L/R & Subwoofers

                        DBX Driverack 280 (Compression, EQ, Limiter, Gate, RTA, Crossover)

            Stage Monitors

                        Behringer Compresser/Limiter

                        Rane ME-80 1/3 Octave EQ

            Surround Speakers

                        Behringer Ultragraph (Compression, EQ, Limiter, Gate, Crossover)


            FX Units


                        Yahmaha SX90




                        4  JBL SR4735  600watt (Arranged in L & R cluster of 2 each)

            Center Fill:

                        1 TCS


                        2  EAW LA218  1000 Watt


                        10 EV S-40 Monitors  150 Watt


4         JBL SR4704 Monitor Wedges  450 Watt


Source and Microphones

            2          CD Players

            2          Cassette Tape Decks

            2          Mini Disk Recorder/Player

            1          DAT Recorder/Player



Shure SM58


Whirlwind Hotbox DI


Shure SM 57


Whirlwind EDB DI


EV N/D9318


Barcus Berry Piano Pickup/DI


Neumann K184




Shure PG81

Wireless Mics


Shure SM81


Shure WL50 Micro Lavs


AKG C409 (Bell Clip Instrument mics)


Shure ULX Wireless Body Pack/Receivers




AKG WT-60 Wireless Body Pack/Receiver




   With Countryman Micro Lav or Headset




Shure T4V SM58 Handheld Mics



Further audio and backline equipment is available for rental or contracted sound can be used from one of three local authorized sound companies.  Please contact Auditorium Manger for further information about your additional sound requirements.

Current Audio Companies:

    Welsh Sound and Lighting Productions, Kearneysville, WV

    Webber Audio, Martinsburg, WV

    Shepherdstown Music and Dance Audio, Shepherdstown, WV


    Drums Unlimited, College Park MD  301-982-3428



 Soft Goods and Fly Schedule


Draperies:       Black Legs*      (19’H x 15’W)              10

                        Black Legs       (19’H x 7’-6”W)           4

                        Black Borders   (8’H x 52’W)                6

                        Black Traveller             (19’H x 52’W)              1

                        Natural Muslin Cyc

                                                (19’H x 52’W)              1

                        Black Sharkstooth Scrim

                                                (19’H x 52’W)              1


                        *Legs Unfold to Ό Width of Stage

                        -All Black drapes are made of 22oz Encore Synthetic velour.  Totally light Opaque with a medium nap on the front.  Inherently Flame Resistant


Fly System:     Single purchase counterweight fly system w/15 battens, including 4 fixed-circuit electrics.  All Battens are 52’ long.  Grid height is 38’.



Standard Fly Schedule:

Lineset                         House Use                                            Distance from Plasterline

1                                  Main Drape (Traveler-Blue)                              0’

2                                  Legs                                                                 1’

3                                  1st Electric                                                        2’-8”

4                                                                                                          3’

5                                  LX Instrument Storage- Very Full                      3’-6”

SL Tab                                     Upstage/Downstage tab from LS 1 to LS 12

SR Tab                         Upstage/Downstage tab from LS 1 to LS 12

6                                  Border                                                              5’-6”

7                                  Legs                                                                 6’

8                                  2nd Electric                                                        8’-3”

9                                                                                                          9’

10                                                                                                         9’-6”

11                                 Border                                                              11’

12                                 3rd Electric- 12 Circuits                                      13’-9”

13                                 Black Full Stage Traveler                                   14’-0”

14                                 Border                                                              14’-5”

15                                 4th Electric- 12 Circuits                                      17’-9”

16                                 Black Sharkstooth Scrim                                    18’-9”

17                                 Stretched Natural Muslin Cyc                            21’-6”


Pipes are 52’-0” Long on 5 Ό” Cable pick lines.  Cables are terminated to pipe with one wrap of Ό” chain and fly out to the full height of the grid-38-0”.  Electrics can only fly out to 26’-0”.  Due to the Proscenium opening and fly loft restrictions- for an onstage soft good of 19’-0” (standard height) to fly completely out and not be visible from auditorium, borders must be trimmed at 16’-0” off the deck.




Misc. Staging and Effects Equipment

            6          Wenger  “Legacy” Acoustical Shell Panels

            Band and Choir Risers Available (8”, 16” 24” Heights)

                                    Combination of Straight and Pie Shaped Sections

                                                Call to discuss specific details and setup

            Fazio Concert Grand Piano (Equivalent to a Steinway Concert D)

                                    -Call for market tuning price and availability

            2          LeMatrie Neutron XS Hazers (1 manual remote, 1 DMX Remote) (AEA Compliant)

            1          Rosco 1200 Fogger (Manual Remote)

            1          LeMatrie ShowMist Fogger (Manual Remote)

            1           LeMatrie DMX Fogger (AEA Compliant)

            2          Strobe Cannons (DMX Control in PAR 64 Bodies)

            US and WV Flags and Conductors Podium and Lecturn




I hope that this information gives you some idea of the scope of our facility.  Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have. We’re looking forward to your show.


                                                                        Patrick H. Wallace

                                                                                    Technical Director/Production Manager

                                                                                    Frank Arts Center

                                                                                    Shepherd College                                                                                                                  

                                                                                    Contemporary American Theater Festival                                                                                  

                                                                                     Shepherdstown, WV 25443

                                                                                    (304) 876-5447  (Office/Voice Mail)

                                                                                    (304) 876-9317  (Fax)