Shepherd University Studio Theater

Technical Specification Brief

Sara Cree Hall

PO Box 3210

301 N. King Street

Shepherdstown, WV 25443

Direct Phone Line: 304-876-5127 (Local Outgoing/Incoming Only, With Voicemail)

Contact: Patrick H. Wallace, Production Manager- 304-876-5447 or



 Visual Description


Studio Theatre is a black box and/or ¾ Thrust space.  It is a modified basketball court that can seat up between 130 and 150 people depending upon selection of floor seating layouts.  Studio Theatre is a lab/industrial theatre type space and, as such, most room structure and architecture is exposed.  While this can be covered for a specific show need, it is assumed that the “guts” of the room will always be visible.  A large lobby is attached to the theatre and will able to hold up to 50 people at a time in case of bad weather.  Two restrooms are just off the lobby.  Box Office counter for ticket operations is a rolling counter in this area.



Stage Specifications:

            Overall Room Dimensions are 58’-0” Long by 35’-0” Wide


Seating banks are arranged in a Center Bank, a House Right Bank, and  a House Left Bank.  Seating capacity is divided into ½ in center section (65) and ¼ each in Right and Left (33 Each)


            Acting Area is 32’across by 27’ Deep


Wing space, Right and Left is 12’ by 12”.  Stage Right allows access Tool Room, secure bathrooms, and lobby.  Stage Left allows access to Booth, Main dressing Rooms, Green Room, and Props Areas.


            Floor is ¼” Masonite painted Semi-Gloss Black over a 5/4” T&G Oak.


There is a 7’ high by 3’ wide cross-under that runs under each seating bank for actor/crew access.




Load In and Accessibility


            Access from Lobby is gained through a double door (7’H x 5’W: no center bar) in the center of the short wall opposite the booth.  Entrance to the Lobby can be gained via a 13 step staircase from the road in front of the building.  Handicap access is via a hallway and grade level double door (with removable center) located behind the building.


This theatre does not have a traditional dock.  There are two single doors (7’x3’) in the front of the building that provide direct access to the space.  Both doors have a 4” Lip in front of them.



Support Areas:


            Lobby:  40x40.  Brick walls, large glass façade to street.  Stone tile floor.  Men’s and Women’s restrooms are located directly off this lobby.  Water Fountain is also located in this area.  Ethernet jack and rolling ticket counter are available.


            Props Kitchen: 12 x 8.  Located in the Upstage end of the lower booth, it contains a large Fridge, Storage Lockers, Water cooler, and space for Props table.  Main Circuit breaker panels for the space are located here in addition to the steps for the upper booth.  Access to Stage Left is via a doorway with blackout curtain.


Dressing rooms (2): 14 x 9.  Capable of seating 4-5 persons, these rooms have overhead lighting, makeup counters and mirrors, 6’ of hanging racks, storage shelving and a full length mirror. Each dressing room has a heavy black fabric panel over the door opening for privacy.


Props Storage: 12 x 4.  Allows access to Vom between Center and House Right seating bank.  Shelving for props storage and first aid kit are located in this area.


Sound Booth: Triangle 9’ per side.  Located in the top row of seating House Left Corner, all sound control is located here.  Due to it’s location in house, all noise if noticeable to the audience.  Also contains the access to the FOH lighting catwalk 


Green Room: 12 x 20  Located in the Upstage end of the upper booth, it contains Fridge, microwave, coffee area, small sitting area, and door to control booth.  While closed off from audience view, noise will carry to audience.  Also located in this area are the dimmer racks for the lighting system and wardrobe support


Control Booth: 12 x 20.  Control stations Electrics and Stage Manager. 

            Electrics has two banks of shelving for lamp and misc. storage.

            Stage manager area contains:

                                    9” Infrared Camera Monitor of Playing area

                                    Show Monitor Audio Feed

                                    Intercom (phone style) to Box Office

                                    Master Station Headset control and Paging Capabilities

                                    Land Line Phone (local outgoing/incoming calls)




Lighting Info:

                        Dimming:          96 Channel Capability @ 2.4K Watts each

                                                Lee Colortran ENR Rack

                                                            (Channels 94-96 used for House Lights)


                        Control:             ETC Express 48/96 Board

(600 Scene Computer control, Full manual on 48 sliders, 12 subs)

All Circuits controlled by ETC Board are 20 amp 2P&G Plugs located in 6-Circuit Fanouts in various locations on the Grid


                        Additional Power: 

                                                220 volt, 60 Amp, 3 Phase, 4 wire Disconnect

220 Volt, 60 Amp, Single Phase, 4 Wire Connect

60 Individual 20amp 120 Volt Quad Boxes



Grid:  Dead Hung Grid at 15’ off Stage Deck  made of 1 ½” Sch 40 Black Pipe hung from ¼” Aircraft Cable roughly in 5’ Square blocks.  Units can be overhung easily.  Grid can be point loaded for 250lbs.  Between any two hanging cables, 650lbs of distributed load can be accommodated 


Pipes can be added for additional positions via rotolocks as needed.


FOH Position:  Catwalk (3’ x 30’) with two handrails (19’ and 21’-6” of Deck) for hanging positions.  Catwalk in accessible by ladder from sound booth and can be used for followspots during show run.


Limited frames, barndoors, and tophats available.  Please contact at least 6 weeks in advance if you have specific lighting requirements.  Patterns and Color are the responsibility of the renting organization and will be returned via mail after the program ends.  Color pulled from Shepherd College Theatre stock will be charged at a rate of $2.00 per unit cut.


See Attached (if applicable) Instrument/LX FX inventory for most up to date inventory.




Sound Information:


Control: Dell P3 933hz running Sonic Forge 7.0 for Editing and SFX Pro for Playback.  Hooked to Internet on dedicated T1 line.

Sound Card:  Echo Layla 20 Bit   (8 channel Stereo input/output)



                        Mackie 1604VLZ Board (4sub, 4 aux)

                        Twin CD, Cassette, Mini Disk Players for Source Mixing

                        Alesis Microverb and Midiverb FX Units

                        4 Channels of insertable Behringer 31band EQ/compressor/gate/limiter


                        All Standing Speakers managed by two DBX Driverack PA Units          


                        Yamaha P3500             390W/8ohms                 Deck Outlets 1 & 2      

                        Mackie 1400i                300W/8ohms                 JBL Control 5

                        QSC RMX 850             200W/8ohms                 Center SX 100 Cluster

                        QSC RMX 850             200W/8ohms                 Highs- Mains SX 500

                        QSC RMX 1450            280W/8ohms                 Lows- Mains SX 500

                        QSC RMX 2450            500W/8ohms                 Subwoofers



                        3          EV SX 100       Center              Flown at center in mono cluster

                        4          EV SX 500       Mains               2 per side in 3 way Stereo

                        2          EAW LA 118   Subs                1 per side flown behind SX 500

                        2          JBL Control 5   Rear Surround   Under each end of FOH Catwalk



Hardwired Clear Com Style Single Muff Headphone and Beltpacks- Located on SR and SL, LX, SX, and SM.  More available with advanced notice

4                     Wireless Telex TR 200, Single Muff or lightweight headsets

-SM has ability to page though House Sound System and/or Monitor System





2 Crown Choir mics monitor stage and feed a 70 volt distributed system in Tool room, Green Roon, Dressing Rooms, Props Kitchen, and Control Booth


Additional Inputs/Outputs:

            12 Channel (XLR)/4 Return (TRS) snake between sound booth and center upstage wall


            4 speaker jacks (Speakon NL4) between sound booth and center upstage wall


See Attached (if applicable) mic/speaker/backline inventory for most up to date inventory.




Rigging, Flying, Grid



Grid is dead hung.  Structural I beams are available. Contact for location and loading information


There are no fly’s or counterweight systems in place.  Flying FX usually involve winches or chain motors



12                 15’ by 5’ black duvatyne legs

2                     15 by 25 panels that can be used as a traveler

1                     15 x 40 black scrim

1                     15 x 40 Cyc (natural)


Curtain Track:

All curtain track in house is ADC Silent Steel 280 of various lengths and with many kinds of hardware, call for details.