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Telecom Services Table of Charges

Please use the prices below when completing a request for Telecom services.

Telephone Adds, Moves, and Changes

Add New Extension



Move Existing Extension Within Building



Move Existing Extension to Another Building



Convert Single Analog Line to Multiline Digital Phone


Plus Materials & New Phone

Monthly Line Charge


Plus long distance charges

Activate Voice Mail


One time charge

Reset Voice Mail Password


One time charge

Telephones and Accessories

Single/Analog Line Phone


6 Feature keys

Single/Analog Line Speakerphone w/ Display


8 Feature keys

Digital Business Phone M5009 set


9 Feature keys

Digital Business Speakerphone w/ Display M5316


16 Feature keys

Digital Business 18 key addon module


18 Feature keys

25' Handset cord



Replacement Phone Jack


Line Splitters