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This Course Sequence is only applicable to students entering Shepherd University and the Social Work Program prior to Fall 2011. Students entering the program after this date should view the updated Sequence of Courses.

In order to graduate from Shepherd University with a major in Social Work a minimum of 128 semester hours must be completed. This entails 47 hours under general liberal arts requirements and 69 hours under the Social Work Curriculum, which includes 9 hours of Social Work Related Electives. In addition, 12 semester hours of free electives must be selected from any university-wide course offerings. The 47 general liberal arts requirements are to be completed during the freshman and sophomore years.

Since the social work curriculum is designed to build on a liberal arts base and is sequenced to provide continuity and integration in the core curriculum, the format recommended below should be followed closely. While it is recognized that students will not always be able to adhere to this sequence exactly as presented, failure to do so may result in difficulty in handling course content and in scheduling required courses in your major. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THIS SEQUENCE. SHOULD REQUIRED COURSES NOT BE COMPLETED, ENTRY INTO THE SENIOR FIELD PLACEMENT AND GRADUATION ARE LIKELY TO BE DELAYED.


Credit Hrs First Semester   Second Semester Credit Hrs
3 Written English ENGL 101   *Written English 103 or 102 3
4 General Biology BIOL 101   General Biology BIOL 102 4
3 History of Civilization   History of Civilization 3
  HIST 101, 102, 103   HIST 101, 102, 103  
  (choose any 2 courses) - May not satisfy the requirement with both 100 and 101   (choose any 2 courses)- May not satisfy the requirement with both 100 and 101  
2 Fitness for Life (either sem)   Fitness for Life (either sem) 2
  GSPE 210   GSPE 210  
2 Intro to Visual Arts   Music Appreciation 2
  ART 103 (either sem.)   MUSC 111 (either sem.)  
3 **General Studies Math Course   General Sociology SOCI 203 3
__     __
17 or 15       17 or 15

* Recommended-ENG 103 "Writing for the Social Sciences"

**Math 314, Statistics, fulfills the general studies math requirement. Students must complete one additional elective if they do not take a lower level math course. If a student chooses to complete the statistics requirement by taking BADM 224 Statistics or PSYCH 250 Statistics for Social Sciences, they must take a general studies math course. Finite Mathematics is the prerequisite for MATH 314.


Credit Hrs First Semester   Second Semester Credit Hrs
3 Survey of Amer. Literature   Survey of World Literature 3
  ENGL 204 (either sem.)  

ENGL 208/209 (either sem.) OR PHIL 208 Survey of Philosophy

3 Politics & Govt. PSCI 100   Social Problems SOCI 205 3
  Or Amer. Fed. Govt. PSCI 101      
3 Psychology PSYC 101   Intro to Social Work 3
      SOWK 201 (either Sem.)  
      Community Service Learning 3
3 Fundamentals of Speech   SWOK 300 (either Sem.)  
  COMM 202 (either sem.)      
3 Contemporary Economics   Elective Course 3
  ECON 123      


__       __
15       15


Credit Hrs First Semester   Second Semester Credit Hrs
1 Information Literacy for the Social Sciences LBSC 103   Human Behavior in the Social  3
3 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I SOWK 305 (Fall Only   Environment II SOWK 306 (Spring Only)  
3 Social Work Methods I   Social Work Methods II 3
  SOWK 311 (Fall only)   SOWK 312 (Spring only)  
3 Social Welfare as a Social    ** Statistics MATH 314 3
  Institution SOWK 301   OR BADM 224  
  (Fall only)   OR PSYC 250  
3 The Family    Orientation to Field   1
  SOCI 303    Practicum SOWK 325  
3 Elective Course   Elective Courses 6


__       __
16       16


Credit Hrs First Semester   Second Semester Credit Hrs
3 Field Experience in Social    Social Work Capstone 3
  Work I SOWK 407   SOWK 404 (Spring Only)  
2 Field Experience Social Work II   Field Experience Seminar II 2
  SOWK 408   SOWK 410  
3 Field Experience Seminar I   Field Experience III 3
  SOWK 409   SOWK 411  

Social Work Methods III

  Field Experience IV 3
  SOWK 313   SOWK 412
6 Elective Courses   Research Methods SOCI 405 3
      (Spring only)  
      Elective Course 3
17       17

REQUIRED SOCIAL WORK ELECTIVE At least one of the following must be selected:
SOWK 320 - Child Welfare Services
SOWK 402 - Social Gerontology
SOWK 417 - Sex and Gender

SOCIAL WORK RELATED ELECTIVES Two courses, six credits, are to be taken from the following:
FACS 304 - Child Development or PSYC 341 - Infant/Child Development
PSCI 411 - Politics of Poverty
PSYC 340 - Life Span Development
SOCI 410 - Social Theory
SOCI 403 - Ethnic Relations

Additionally, one may choose any Women's Studies course, any Sociology course, any foreign language (including sign language) a study abroad course, co-op course(s), or advisor approved elective in extraordinary circumstances.

Credits required for graduation:
University-wide electives=12
General Ed. requirements=47
Social Work Curriculum=69

REMEMBER: You not only need a minimum of 128 credit hours, you need to have them in all the right places!


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