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Summer Housing 2017

Individuals who take summer courses at Shepherd University will have the opportunity to live in Dunlop Hall for free if you enroll for 6 undergraduate credits or more during summer terms. Graduate students are eligible at a rate of 3 credits or more. The free housing offer is available for each summer term. To see if you qualify, details are listed below or call our office at 304-876-5172.

Benefits of taking a summer class:

To register for a summer courses, visit:

Free Summer Housing Program Details

*The free summer housing is for a double occupancy room. If you do not wish to have a roommate, there is an additional fee for single occupancy requests. You are also only allowed free housing during the Summer term dates listed below if Residence Life determines eligibility. If you wish to arrive earlier or stay later, you will have to apply for extended stay by contacting our office at 304-876-5172. Additional nights not covered under the free summer housing program are assessed at $25/night.

Steps to Sign-Up for Summer Housing 2017

  1. Register for summer term courses or decide to live on campus during the summer*.
  2. Complete a Summer 2017 Housing Contract available for download below or in the Residence Life Office in Miller Hall, Lower Level.
  3. Submit a $100 damage deposit unless you already have one on file (typically current residents have this on file)
  4. Residence Life Office will confirm your eligibility for free housing or will assess fees, as appropriate.
  5. After reviewing and approving your paperwork, Residence Life will communicate your check-in and check-out dates.

Print Summer 2017 Resident Agreement

Summer 2017 Housing Terms

Summer Housing Term I* : Sunday, May 21 to Thursday June 22

Summer Housing Term II* : Monday, July 3 to Thursday, August 3

Summer Housing Term III* : Sunday, May 21 to Thursday, August 3

*Students enrolling for both Summer I and Summer II do not need to check out of the residence halls between sessions. However, you will need to check with the Residence Life office to see if you qualify for free housing during both terms. Additionally, you will need to request an extended stay if you wish to check-in or check-out early. This is assessed an additional $25/night cost. We may not be able to accommodate these requests, so please call our office at 304-876-5172 if you are requesting extended stay or early arrival.

**Residence Life reserves the right to determine whether a student is eligible for free summer housing. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact our office at 304-876-5172.

Summer Housing Costs (if not eligible for free summer housing)

Summer I*

Summer II

Summer III**

Check-in Date Sunday, May 21 Monday, July 3 Sunday, May 21
Check-out Date Thursday, June 22 Thursday, August 3 Thursday, August 3
Cost for students registered and eligible for free summer housing No cost No Cost No Cost
Cost for students not eligible for for free summer housing $870 $870 $1740
Additional cost for single occupancy room*** $435 $435 $870
Additional cost for housing not during Summer term dates $25/night $25/night $25/night

*Students enrolling for both Summer I and Summer II do not need to check out of the residence halls between sessions

**Summer Term III covers the span of Summer I and II terms, so students will not be required to pay fees for Summer I and II if they choose to pay and stay during the Summer III term dates.

***Single rooms must be requested. The free summer housing program only covers the cost of a double occupancy room.