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To be eligible for review for admission to student teaching, the student must:

  1. Have passed Juncture 2 Review;
  2. Have full status in the Teacher Education Program;
  3. Have made satisfactory progress in portfolio development;
  4. Have the required GPA (set by Specialization area with 2.75 the minimum) in both Educational Studies and Overall;
  5. Have no grade lower than a “C” in all Education Studies courses;
  6. Have met all requirements as specified by the specialization/endorsement in the Catalog or specialization handbook;
  7. Continue free of conviction for felony or any charge involving moral character.
  8. Submit passing Praxis II content test(s) scores by June 1 for fall semester student teaching or November 1 for spring semester student teaching. Praxis II Content Test Policy Letter

If admission to student teaching is approved, the student must attend the Pre-Student Teaching Meeting held approximately the 4th week of each semester prior to the Student Teaching Semester.

Student Teaching Schedule

Student Teaching Semester Dates Fall 2017

Student Teaching Semester Dates Spring 2018


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