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Student Recognition Day


This annual event recognizes outstanding student accomplishment in the fields of academics and leadership, as well as in contributions to the campus and community.

69th Annual Student Recognition Day

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

3:10 P.M.

Frank Arts Center Auditorium

2016-2017 Scholastic Award Form – An opportunity for faculty to recognize those students who they feel are outstanding in their field of academic study.

2016-2017 Lowe Family Award Nomination Form  – Demonstrated involvement and participation in constructive, worthwhile activities both on and off campus. Qualities of good citizenship and dedication in pursuit of an education. Achievement, accomplishments, willingness to work hard with others and contribute to project ideas or endeavors which are worthwhile to the university, community and mankind.

2016-2017 Oliver S. Ikenberry Award Nomination Form – Exemplary human service to Shepherd University as evidenced by campus leadership, community service and overall achievement. Full-time student, Senior standing.

2016-2017 Special Accomplishment Award Form

2016-2017 Organization Award Form