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HEPC Proposed Funding Model

Student Focused Funding for West Virginia Public Higher Education, the new funding model unveiled at the March 23 meeting of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, could benefit Shepherd by adding $3.4 million to the university’s operating budget for FY20, a 36.4 percent increase from the FY18 budget (a total of $12,765,130 in FY20, up from FY18’s base budget of $9,360,954).

We Need Your Help

Please send a letter of support via email to the Office of the Chancellor at or click the appropriate link below to send a prefilled form letter. DEADLINE IS APRIL 27.


Thank you in advance for your consideration in sending comments to the HEPC Chancellor in support of fairness and equity in adjusting Shepherd’s state appropriations based on the new funding model.

The legislatively mandated funding model sets benchmarks and uses a formula to assess the effectiveness of each state college and university. The model rewards those institutions that make good use of state taxpayer dollars to educate state residents. Colleges and universities that don’t meet those benchmarks will have their state funding reduced.

In addition to rewarding schools that educate West Virginia residents, the proposed funding model rewards institutions that help students finish their degrees on time and that provide training in high-demand fields (healthcare, education, and engineering).

Shepherd has historically been underfunded when compared to the other state institutions. As of the 2016-17 fiscal year, Shepherd, received the lowest state appropriation of all the four-year West Virginia state institutions, dead-last among eleven institutions with only $2,960 allocated per student annualized FTE. Even though the new funding model will almost entirely exclude out-of–state students, Shepherd is so poorly funded right now that the model produces a higher proportionate increase for Shepherd than for any other institution. The new funding model would greatly benefit our students, as well as recognize and reward Shepherd’s efforts to train the next generation of leaders and model citizens.