Shepherd Education Student Association


  This web site is dedicated to providing information and support for education majors at Shepherd University of Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

  The Shepherd Education Student Association (SESA) is a NO DUES, student run organization which offers activities for community involvement,   professional development, and community service and acts as a liaison between education students and faculty, staff, and administration.


  Each and every student enrolled in the education program at Shepherd University is automatically a member of SESA.

  In the last academic year, involvement in SESA increased dramatically; however, of the 600+ enrolled education majors, a relatively small proportion of  students are getting involved.

  With the new school year, a berth of opportunities for involvement in SESA are available:

 ~ PPST and Praxis help through the Academic Support Center

 ~ Portfolio workshops

 ~ Fundraising opportunities

 ~ Community service projects with local schools

 ~ Volunteering and tutoring programs

 ~ Educational conferences

 ~ Opportunities for professional development

 ~And much more!

Contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions at

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