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Officers, Chairs, and Committee Representatives


President (2 year term) Chris Lovelace
Secretary Mary Hancock
Parliamentarian (appointed by President) vacant

Assembly-Established Committees

Admissions and Credits Kathleen Reid, interim
Curriculum and Instruction Heidi Hanrahan
Core Curriculum Chris Lovelace, interim

Senate Committee Chairs and Representatives

Library Committee Max Guirguis
Professional Development Committee Kathleen Reid
Scholarship and Awards Committee David Modler
Senate Bylaws vacant (Chair), Jeff Groff, Max Guirguis, and
Chris Lovelace (ex-officio)

Washington Gateway Committee Julia Sandy

External Committee Representatives

Calendar Committee Roger Hamood
Diversity and Equity Committee Rob Tudor
Enrollment Management Committee vacant
Graduate Council Jared Androzzi
Student Success Committee Robert Anthony
Technology Oversight Committee Ozman Guzide

Other Committees

Advisory Council of Faculty Max Guirguis
Assessment Task Force vacant
Budget Advisory Council David Wing, Jeff Groff, and 1 vacancy
Internationalization Advisory Council Mengyang Li