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Leadership Development In The Student Center

The Shepherd University Student Center recognizes and values student leadership and leadership development opportunities. Therefore, we design our campus programming to supplement and enhance those experiences. In addition to the programs, clubs and organizations, classroom experiences, and other opportunities we provide to our students, our Leadership program is a great place to tie it all together.


Student learning is central to the culture of Shepherd University both inside and outside the classroom. Recognized organizations and clubs are an important part of this education since they allow students to gain leadership skills, to explore their values, and to begin laying the foundation for their professional careers. Adding to the richness of our campus culture, club and organizations, give students the opportunity to explore their own interests. Understanding the importance of diversity, we continue to work to engage and support a wide range of multi-cultural, academic, professional, Greek, social, philanthropic, political, cultural, recreational, spiritual, and athletic organizations.


Leadership Lounge is a series of programs sponsored by the Student Center that addresses hot topics and issues important to our students. *Time Management
*Conflict Resoluction
*How to Schmooze
*Making your Greek Community Stronger *...and Many More!


The annual Student Leadership Conference is one of Shepherd’s oldest traditions, going back more than two decades! Every fall, students from every corner of the campus meet in the Student Center for a day full of interactive leadership development workshops, idea sharing, and the tastiest meal of the year. Funded by an allocation of student activity fees with the approval of the Student Government Association, the Leadership Conference at Shepherd is free to all Shepherd students and staff.

Mark your calendars for the 27th annual Student Leadership Conference which will be held on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Student Center. Our keynote presenter will be Tom Krieglstein from Swift Kick. Tom is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, and consultant on creating community and increasing group engagement.He has worked with more than 200 institutions around the world. A succesful internet entrepreneur at age 21 and now three-time “Campus Speaker of the Year,” Tom has walked the walk and talked the talk. Blending technical expertise and masterful storytelling, Tom is the premier educator on community engagement. You won’t want to miss a chance to be inspired and engergized by him here at Shepherd!

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