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How To Use The Online Room Reservation System

1. Create an Account

From the Shepherd University main page website, go to "EMS Reservation System." Once at the Virtual EMS campus space, go to "My Account" and then to "Create an Account." At this point, fill in the necessary information and "Save."

2. Log In/Log Out

From the Shepherd University website, go to  "EMS Reservation System." Once at the Virtual EMS, go to "My Account" and then to "Log In." At this point, put in your Email and Password. Remember to Log Out by going to "My Account" and then "Log Out" at the end of your session to protect your information.

3. Find Available Space and Making a Request

Once you are Logged Into the Room Reservation System, go to "Reservations" and then "Room Request Form." At this point you can fill in the date and time of your request. You may also put in your desired location and click "Check Availability" to see if the space is available. If the room you chose is NOT available, the system will provide you with a list of available options to choose from. If the room is available, you will be able to continue to fill out the details of your event. Don't forget to hit "Sumbit" at the bottom of the page!

4. Browse Events

Log in and go to "Browse" and then "Browse Events." This view will allow you to see events happening in most university buildings and exterior areas by Day, Week, or Month.

5. View Requests

Once you have successfully submitted a room reservation request, you can go to "Reservations" and then "View My Requests" to see the status of your reservation request. You can use this view to see if your request has been approved. You may also choose to cancel your reservation from this view.