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FAQs-Getting Started

Getting Started

What web browser should I use?

Sakai works best in the following web browsers:

We do not support the following browsers (These browsers are unstable and not recommended. Using these browsers could result in assignments, test/quizzes, and other tools to not upload/download or work properly):

Sakai may require additional plugins (Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash).

Why am I having trouble using Sakai on my Mac?

How do I rearrange or remove my site tabs?

  1. Go to My Workspace
  2. Select Preferences (left side navigation)
  3. Select Customize Site Links
  4. Select unwanted site/classes and move them to the Hidden Sites box using the arrow buttons
  5. You can choose more than one site at a time by holding down the “Control” (for PC), “Command” (for Mac), button and select your chosen sites.
  6. To move ALL sites over at one time, click the doubled arrow button
  7. To move selected sites over, click the single arrow button
  8. Select Update Preferences (scroll to bottom of screen)

If you do not scroll down and click on Update Preferences your changes will NOT be saved. You may need to refresh your browser for you to see the changes.

How can I copy from a Word document into Sakai?

We recommend that you use a word processor such as Word to create your Discussion Forums, Assignments, etc. Therefore, you can use the Spell Check and, of course, save your information on a hard drive. Once you have created your Discussion or Assignment, etc. you can then easily transfer the information by using the steps below.

Many tools in Sakai allow you to enter text with a the Text Editor. If you wish to copy formatted text from a Microsoft Word document while retaining the formatting, you can do this with the “Paste from Word” button. In the top row of buttons on the text editor there is an icon with a clipboard and a blue “W”, this is the Paste from Word button. Click this button to bring up a small window with a text box. Paste the text from your Word document into this text box and click OK. Your text should now appear in the Sakai text editor with the original formatting.

Use the following key strokes to move your information: