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Zan is the huggable, loveable, Shepherd University mascot. He can be seen around campus, weather permitting, whenever something exciting is happening. Zan loves football games, Relay For Life, and any other campus events. Zan was born in 2009 and is son of the former Shepherd mascot, Livingston. It is the tradition to name the mascot after Shepherd University Presidents. Zan started to visit to campus the summer of 2009 as a lamb. When he met Dr. Shipley for the first time she chose his name: “Zan” from Suzanne. At Homecoming that year, he and Livingston both participated and the “torch was passed” from father to son at the football game. Livingston retired in 2009 and Zan became the new mascot. He lives at Ewephoria Acres with the rest of the flock.

Zan currently enjoys very chic living quarters at the farm of Barbara Byers, Director of Counseling Services.

Zan - Five Month Old

Five Month Old - Zan

Zan meets Pres. Shipley

Zan meets President Shipley

Father and Son

Father and Son