Shepherd University

SU Interpersonal Violence
 Resource Center


If You Believe You are Being Stalked:

  • Keep all text messages and/or handwritten notes
  • Keep all messages through any and all social medias
  • Do not delete your phone’s call log
  • Keep an up to date, precise, and detailed journal or “log” of the activities (Click Here for a copy of one)
  • Contact Rhonda Jackson for a Stalking Kit

Other Things You Can Do*:

  • If you are in immediate danger, call 911 **Please use the Emergency Call Boxes located on campus for immediate Police response
  • Trust your instincts
  • Take threats seriously
  • Contact a crisis hotline, victim services agency, or a domestic violence or rape crisis program.
  • Develop a safety plan, including things like changing your routine, arranging a place to stay, and having a friend or relative go places with you
  • Don't communicate with the stalker or respond to attempts to contact you
  • Contact the police
  • Consider getting a Personal Safety Order that tells the stalker to stay away from you
  • Tell family, friends, roommates, and co-workers about the stalking and seek their support
  • Tell security staff at your job or school. Ask them to help watch out for your safety
  • Tell your Resident Assistant, the Dean of Students, or Shepherd University Police
  • Contact the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Rhonda Jackson

If you or someone you know is believed to being stalked, please use one of these Resources to get help. Contact Dave Cole, Dean of Students, as soon as you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or threatened.

*Information as presented by the National Stalking Resource Center