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 Resource Center

Preservation of Evidence


Preserving evidence is important in situations involving stalking behavior. Collecting this information can help anyone you choose to report the incident to provide support for you and to take appropriate follow-up actions.

If You Believe You are Being Stalked:

  • Keep all text messages and/or handwritten notes
  • Keep all messages you received or sent through any and all social medias
  • Do not delete your phone’s call log
  • Keep an up-to-date, precise, and detailed journal or “log” of the activities.
  • Consider including the date, time, location, form of contact or interaction, and any witnesses. (Click Here for a copy of a potential log sheet.)
  • If you would be interested in obtaining a kit designed to help record occurrences of stalking (includes a camera, whistle, etc.), please contact Rhonda Jackson, SARC Coordinator, (304) 876-5276 or, or the Shenandoah Women’s Resource Center at 304-263-8522.