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Sexual Harassment

Preservation of Evidence

It is important to keep records or documentation of the harassment whether it is a repeated occurrence or a onetime event. Collecting this information can help anyone you choose to report the incident(s) to provide support for you and to take appropriate follow-up actions.

  • Save any emails, texts, voicemail, social media or answering machine messages, letters and gifts.
  • Do not delete your cell phone call log.
  • Keep a log of what is happening with date, time and details of phone calls, and conversations. Also, note how it made you feel possibly in a bound notebook, (e.g., scared, unsafe, threatened, etc.). Note the presence of any witnesses and or individuals to whom you talked about the incident.
  • Document any adverse actions that are taken against you. Keep copies of performance evaluations that attest to the quality of your work. Document your work and/or school performance and any steps you have taken. (Courtesy of Northwestern University)