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Sexual Harassment

Examples of sexual harassment:
  • uninvited touching;
  • uninvited kisses or embraces;
  • smutty jokes or comments;
  • making promises or threats in return for sexual favors;
  • displays of sexually graphic material including posters, pin-ups, cartoons, graffiti or messages on notice boards, lockers, desks, computer screens;
  • sexual insults or taunting;
  • repeated invitations to go out especially after being refused previously;
  • flashing or sexual gestures;
  • sex-based insults, taunts, teasing or name-calling;
  • staring or leering at a person or at parts of their body, and
  • unwelcome physical contact such as massaging a person without invitation or deliberately brushing up against them.

A single incident of sexual harassment is enough to constitute an offense.

Who May Be Involved?

Sexual harassment in the campus community can involve:

  • Professor and student
  • University employee and student
  • Supervisor/superior and employee
  • Student and student
  • Professor and professor
  • Professor and staff
  • Contract workers or other campus visitors and employees/students
  • Other relationships among colleagues, peers, and coworkers.