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Relationship Violence

Your Rights in a Relationship*

There are certain rights that we all share in relationships.

You have the right to:

  • Express your opinions and be respected for them.
  • Pursue your own interests
  • Have your needs be as important as your partner’s
  • Share expenses and be free of expected pay-backs
  • Grow as an individual
  • Have your feelings taken seriously
  • Have control over your own body
  • Be responsible for your own behavior - not your partner's
  • Change your mind
  • Share responsibility for problem-solving
  • Expect that an apology means something
  • Socialize with anyone whom you choose
  • Not to be abused - physically, sexually or emotionally
  • Break up and fall out of love with someone and not be threatened
  • Say no to ANYTHING

*Information as presented by the
University of Michigan
Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center