Shepherd University

SU Interpersonal Violence
 Resource Center

Reporting Options

Confidential Reporting


If you would like to discuss the circumstances of the violence you have experienced but would like to keep the details and your identity confidential you can speak with a counselor at SU Counseling Services or a nurse at SU Health Center. Both can be reached by calling 304-876-5161 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, M-F.


To speak with a confidential resource off campus you can contact Shenandoah Women’s Center on their 24 hour hotline at 304-263-8292

Anonymous Report to Shepherd University Police Department (SUPD)

If you would like to make an anonymous report to SUPD you can either make the report in person (Sara Cree Hall Room 105) and not provide your name or you can call their office (304-876-5374 weekdays/ 304-876-5202 nights/weekends) and report by phone without providing your name. This will allow the university to be aware of the crime and for the incident to be reflected in annual statistics that are published about crimes on Shepherd’s campus without identification of the victim.