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Reporting Options

As a survivor of interpersonal violence it is important to understand that you are not required to report your incidence(s) of violence. However there can be many benefits to reporting and we want to ensure you understand all of your reporting options and the level of confidentiality associated with each. It is also important to remember that you can report incidents that occur on or off campus and that you can report to both law enforcement and the Office of Student conduct simultaneously.

Mandated Reporting Requirements for all Shepherd University Faculty and Staff

As a victim of a violent crime it is important for you to know that under WV State Law any faculty or staff member who becomes aware that a student has been a victim of a violent crime must provide that student’s name to campus police. The only exceptions are licensed counselors in Counseling Services and nurses in the Health Center. If you are unclear if the person you are speaking with can provide you with confidentiality you should ask before talking with them. Campus Police will connect you with a victim advocate and will work with that advocate to honor your wishes and needs to the best of their ability. You should also be aware that if you share the name of the perpetrator of a sexual assault this name must be given to campus police under WV law.  Again, maintaining your privacy and honoring your wishes will be a priority.

Confidential Reporting

Anonymous Report to SUPD

Reports to Law Enforcement
    Step by Step Guide to Report to SUPD

Formal Reporting to SU Office of Student Conduct (OSC)
    Step by Step Guide to Report to OSC

Private Reporting to Address Hostile Environment Issues

How to Contact a Victim Advocate