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Cancellation of A&R Reservation

To cancel your Advisement & Registration reservation and the $140 Student Services Fee, students must submit a cancellation request by the date listed below next to the date of your original reservation. If the cancellation is received before the deadline, the students account will not be billed. Students and family members who have made a reservation and who do not submit a cancellation by the deadline listed will be billed the appropriate charges.

Deadline to Cancel for First Year Advisement & Registration:

Deadline to Cancel for Transfer/Readmit Advisement & Registration:

To Reschedule

If you would like to RESCHEDULE your A&R reservation, please contact the Admissions office at: 304.876.5212

Cancel Reservation

If you would like to CANCEL your A&R reservation without rescheduling please complete this form.

 Online Cancellation Form

If you are unable to submit the Online Reservation Cancellation Form for any reason, please contact 304/876-5402 by the dates above to avoid being charged the fee.