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Room Assignments


Each spring semester students select their rooms for the following semester(s) at Room Lottery. Returning students, regardless of whether or not they have previously resided in the residence halls, may participate in the residence life room lottery process. Shepherd University has very unique room lottery process that allows students to actively participate in earning their room lottery number. Students may earn room lottery points through their academic classification (sophomore, junior, etc.), number of semesters on campus, GPA, and by attending residence hall programs. Students may lose room lottery points by receiving judicial violations.

In order to sign up for room lottery, students are required to complete a Residence Hall Contract and a Room Lottery Application. Applications must be submitted as a group with chosen roommates. Each person must ensure that a $100 damage deposit and $100 advance room payment is paid in full. All documents must be submitted to Residence Life by 4:30pm on the Friday before spring recess.


Residence Life would like to see every resident living in an ideal rooming situation. During the first three weeks of each semester, we ask our residents to get to know the other people sharing their living space. After that time, an Open Room Change may occur. Student must submit a Room Change Request form with the appropriate signature from all parties involved. Please recognize that this form is only a request and does not mean that approval will be granted. You must wait for authorization from the Housing Assignments Coordinator before beginning your move.

Once the Open Room Change period has ended, we strongly encourage our students to talk with their roommates and Resident Assistant about any problems they may be experiencing in their living space. If a problem persists, a Room Contract may be requested. Authorization from the Hall/Area Director and Housing Assignments Coordinator must occur before a move can begin.


All full-time students are required to live on campus and must participate in the University’s board (meal) plan during the fall and spring semesters. Apartment residents may select an optional meal plan, but no meal plan is required.

Residence Life recognizes that a meal plan reduction is sometimes needed. Meal plan reductions may be granted for academic/employment schedules that require a student miss five or more meal per week, a documented disability that warrants a meal plan reduction or exemption, or other extenuating circumstances. In order to apply for a meal plan reduction, please contact the Residence Life office.


Residential life at Shepherd University is considered an integral part of the educational program and serves to provide both direct and indirect opportunities for intellectual growth and personal development. Thus, all full-time students are required to live on campus. Some students may meet the criteria for exemption to the on-campus residency requirement. Please note that an exemption is not automatic; a student must apply and receive approval to live off campus.

For more information on off campus housing eligibility, please contact the Residence Life Office.

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