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The Bachelor of Arts degree is conferred upon majors in communications, English, history, music, psychology, Spanish, elementary and secondary education. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is conferred upon graduates majoring in art. The Bachelor of Music Education is conferred upon graduates majoring in music education. The Bachelor of Science degree is conferred upon graduates majoring in accounting, biology, business administration, chemistry, computer and information sciences, economics, environmental studies, family and consumer sciences, mass communication, mathematics, political science, recreation, and sociology. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is conferred on majors in nursing. The Bachelor of Social Work is conferred on majors in social work. The Regents Bachelor of Arts degree is conferred upon graduates who meet the program requirements as outlined in the section on degrees and programs of study.

A Shepherd University student wishing to complete requirements for a second degree program prior to conferral of his or her bachelor's or associate's degree may receive the second degree when the first is conferred, provided he or she has met all requirements for the second degree or program. A Shepherd University student who returns for a second degree within one academic calendar year of completing the first degree may receive the second degree simply by completing all requirements for that second degree or program. ( Note: Students must meet the requirements stated in the Catalog in effect at the time of their re-enrollment in the second degree program. ) However, all other graduates regardless of institution who possess a baccalaureate degree and wish to attain a second bachelor's degree or major must complete a minimum of 32 hours of additional course work in residence at Shepherd. Graduates from Shepherd University with any bachelor's degree except an R.B.A. will not need to be reevaluated for meeting the general studies requirement, except where the new program requires specific general studies courses. Note: Hours needed to complete requirements for a program/degree may exceed stated minimums.

Shepherd University also honors baccalaureate degrees from accredited institutions and does not require holders of such degrees to complete the general studies program, with the exception of degrees similar to West Virginia's Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree Program. The program of study leading to the Shepherd baccalaureate is subject to the approval of the Dean in consultation with the department chair in the student's program. The department chair may, upon assessing the student's readiness and background, require the student to take specific general studies courses deemed essential to the major program.

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