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Full-time Faculty

Larry Z. Daily, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Memory and Cognition, Learning, Statistics, Research Methods in Psychology
Stutzman-Slonaker 102-D
(304) 876-5332

Heidi Dobish, Ph.D., co-chair
Associate Professor
Developmental, Emotion Perception
Stutzman-Slonaker 102-B
(304) 876-5435

Lindsey Levitan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research Methods, Statistics
Stutzman-Slonaker 104
(304) 876-5804

Christopher Lovelace, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Brain and Behavior, Sensation and Perception, Drugs and the Brain
Stutzman-Slonaker 106
(304) 876-5315

Joseph R. Merz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Social Psychology, History and Systems, Humanistic Psychology
Stutzman-Slonaker 102-C
(304) 876-5296

Anne Murtagh, Ph.D., co-chair
Associate Professor
Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Personality
Stutzman-Slonaker 108
(304) 876-5257

Richard Stevens, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, CSDA Coordinator
Introduction to College Student Personnel
Stutzman-Slonaker 102-A
(304) 876-5068

Adjunct Faculty

B. Beyers
Introduction to Psychology

F. E. Brolle
Health Psychology, Psychology of Substance Abuse

J. Lilly
Psychological Tests and Measurements

K. Rowe
Lifespan Developmental Psychology

A. Sherry
Introduction to Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Lifespan Developmental Psychology

S. Spencer
Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology

D. Tokach
Abnormal Psychology, Counseling Children, Conversational Sign Language


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