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SU_Psych091015-101sEach Psychology major is assigned one of the Department faculty members as their advisor. (Log into RAIL to find out who your advisor is.) It is each student’s responsibility to schedule an advising appointment with their faculty advisor during the advising period. Use the resources linked below to help make your advising appointment more productive.

Fall 2016 advising notes

New special topics course

PSYC 399 – Military Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
(3cr) This course examines the various types of trauma related to Military service, especially during combat conditions.  Topics covered include the experience of trauma, evidenced-based treatment protocols, emerging treatment practices, and services available to returning military personnel.  Prerequisites:  PSYC 101.

The course will be taught by Dr. Marsha Mills on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 – 7:40 p.m.

Change to the Group I Restricted Electives

Starting in fall 2016, the Group I Restricted Elective courses will be split into a 3-credit lecture (PSYC 370, 371, 372) and 1-credit lab (PSYC 370L, 371L, 372L). Before, the prerequisite for PSYC 484 – Directed Readings was any one of the three Group I electives. Starting this fall, the pre-requisite will be any one of the labs. When you sign up for a lab, you must also sign up for the matching course (as a co-requisite). However, if you would like to take another of the Group I courses later, you could take it alone (without having to do the lab). Non-Psychology students (who don’t need the lab as a prerequisite) may take the lecture courses by themselves. Consult your advisor for more information.

In fall 2016, Dr. Daily will be offering PSYC 372 – Psychology of Learning along with PSYC 372L Psychology of Learning Lab. Psychology majors who have not yet successfully completed a Group I Restricted Elective course and who would like to take PSYC 484 – Directed Readings in spring 2017 should sign up for both PSYC 372 and PSYC 372L this fall.

Students wanting to take a Group I Elective in the old format (where lecture and lab material were combined) will have one last chance this summer, when Dr. Daily will be teaching PSYC 371 – Memory and Cognition during Summer Session III.

Psychology Major Urban Legend of the Day

“I have to get a C in every Psychology course that I want to count toward my major.”

Guess what–no you don’t! But you DO have to pass every course that will count and finish with a C average in all of your Psychology courses. So, if you get a D, make sure you’ve got a B to even it out!