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Professional Development

Release Time/Reassignment

Four one-course-for-one-semester faculty reassignment research slots will be available for the 2017-2018 academic year. There should be progress toward a publishable manuscript or a peer-reviewed performance/exhibition that results from this award. The deadline for submission is 1/9/17–the first day of spring semester classes.


Annual donors to The Shepherd Fund have made possible $10,000 for mini-grants to the faculty through the Professional Development Committee. Typical awards are $500. The deadline for submission is November 2, 2016. A second call for proposals will be issued during the spring semester if all funds are not dispersed.

Sabbatical Leaves

Should applicant(s) for a full year sabbatical (at one half salary for the year) be recommended and supported by the Provost, they will be awarded two one-semester slots. Six one-semester sabbaticals with full salary for the year will be available. Complete information concerning preparation of the proposal and the sabbatical leave is found in the Faculty Handbook. The form required by the Provost for a sabbatical leave request link is available HERE. The deadline for submission is November 15, 2016.

Professional Development Stipend Grants

The Shepherd University Foundation and Academic Affairs will provide for a maximum of four stipends at $3,500 per award. These applications are to be sent directly to the Provost’s office with the faculty member’s name appearing only on the cover sheet and are to be anonymous throughout the narrative presentation to facilitate blind review by the Committee. The deadline for submission is February 13, 2017.

Create The Future Funds

The Create the Future funds are to be awarded to a full-time member of the faculty “to present research at an international conference or to conduct research that has been sanctioned abroad.” This resource will also support creative activities, such as art shows, recitals, and exhibitions which involve international travel. The Professional Development Committee will be reviewing applications and selecting a recipient for the award. For 2016-2017, $1250 is available. The due date is January 16, 2017. The projected date for announcement of the award is March 10, 2017.

General Expectation

Provide one (1) paper copy and email a Word document file of Release Time/Reassignment, Mini-Grant, and Sabbatical Leave requests to Kathleen Reid, Chair, Professional Development Committee, 232 White Hall,