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Outstanding Alumni of the Year

2017 Recipient:


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The Outstanding Alumni of the Year Award is an opportunity to recognize an alumnus for their dedication and volunteer commitments that have significantly enhanced the goals and mission of Shepherd University and the Shepherd University Alumni Association. The award recipient will have given of themselves for the enrichment of others, the University and the betterment of the community.

Nominees must hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from Shepherd University. Nominations can be received posthumous. Current employees of the University are also eligible for nomination.

One recipient will be honored during the course of each academic year. Nomination forms for candidates not chosen will remain under consideration for three years. Those candidates not selected within a three year period will be removed from the nomination slate for one year and then will be eligible to be renominated the following year.

We invite you to nominate an alumnus whom you feel should be recognized for his/her achievements and dedication to the University.

Guidelines for Nominations:

Please submit the information form along with a one page biography on the candidate. Attach additional information if desired. Attachments will not be returned.

If your submission is not selected, you will be contacted by the Director of Alumni Affairs, Shepherd University.

Download the Outstanding Alumni Nomination Form and return it to via mail, fax, or e-mail as indicated at the bottom of the form.