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Other Services

a.  Office Supplies

Office supplies are stocked by the Service Center and are issued to the secretary or administrator of organizational units. Supplies must be signed for by authorized personnel and costs will be charged back to the organizational unit.

Faculty members should request supplies through their organizational unit. If the request is appropriate, the unit secretary will order the supplies from the Service Center. The Service Center Clerk will process the order and send the supplies to the unit office with the Maintenance Courier.

Other supplies are stocked in the University Bookstore and are issued upon approval by the organizational administrator as the cost will be charged to the budget of the unit.

B.  Other Office Services

Faculty should consult with the department chair or college dean for the assigned services provided by the unit administrative secretaries. During the summer, faculty who are not teaching summer College should consult the Provost regarding requested assistance.

 C.  Calendar of Events

A calendar of campus activities is maintained by the University of Communications and is available on the Web at Submissions to the calendar may be made through the Web site.

d.  Shepherd University Weekly Initiatives

Weekly Initiatives are sent via email by University Communications.