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On-Campus Experience

Meet Nick: Read his story below.
New Residence Hall opening in Fall 2017: No more than 2 people share a bathroom.
Lifelong friendships and memories for life start on campus.
A place for everyone on campus and many organizations to join.
Learn new things.
Living on campus gives you the full Shepherd experience.
Meet Alyssa: Read her story below.
Chill & study with friends right down the hall.
Discover yourself.

Meet Nick

img_5863“I knew living on campus was the right choice for me when I attended my first college game at Shepherd. It was the right choice because the atmosphere was just amazing and it made me feel at home. I’m glad I chose to live on campus because there is so much to do and there is always something fun to do whether it be bowling or billiards at the student center, football games, working out at the wellness center, or listening to music in the amphitheater. Living on campus was the choice I ever made!

My favorite thing that I was involved with at Shepherd was our football teams playoff run. Living on campus during that time was awesome because the playoff atmosphere was in the air and everybody was pumped. It seemed like every Saturday the campus was alive and thriving! During any sporting event that Shepherd hosted everyone just seemed happy and thriving. You will only get to experience this if you live on campus which in my eyes is amazing and the best choice I ever made!”

Meet Alyssa

img_5950“The time I realized I made the right choice in choosing Shepherd and choosing to live on campus would be whenever I realized all of the opportunities available that allowed me to become something bigger than myself—I became actively involved in the Stand Up, Don’t Stand By campaign and on campus activities, my sorority’s philanthropies, community service projects, and the Red Flag campaign—that I most likely wouldn’t have got involved with if I hadn’t chosen to live on campus at Shepherd. One of my favorite moments from living on campus would be having convenient access to visit the local community and National Parks in the area such as taking walks with my friends at the C & O Canal or grabbing lunch at the Sweet Shop Bakery.”

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