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Obtain a New Diploma


Diplomas are unique, one-time ceremonial documents that carry the student’s name at the time of the award, the degree and date of award, and pertinent authorizing signatures.  Some programs holding external accreditation also include the major program in the degree name.  At Shepherd University diplomas are produced once per year, after the May commencement ceremony; in rare circumstances (graduate is moving or returning overseas, for example), it is possible to request in writing an early shipment of a diploma for a confirmed August or December graduate.

Because of their ceremonial nature, diplomas are reprinted only upon written confirmation of the loss or destruction of the original.  Duplicate diplomas thus requested will be marked as duplicates. Requests must be in writing over the signature of the graduate, confirming the graduate’s name, date, and awarded degree, and must be accompanied by a $20 reprinting fee made payable to Shepherd University. Duplicate diplomas are ordered from contracted diploma production facilities and take 4-6 weeks minimum for delivery to the Office of the Registrar for pick-up (more at certain times of the academic calendar when the facilities are in full production mode for commencement ceremonies nationwide). Duplicate diplomas are delivered to the Office of the Registrar for pick-up by the graduate. For mailing, the graduate must provide a prepaid, self-addressed FedEx or UPS label to affix to the mailing tube.

Apostille diploma requests

Students who need their diploma verified for Apostille or other international certification will need to provide the following:

  1. Your original diploma (reprints for lost diplomas are $20, must be requested in writing with payment, and will take an additional 4-6 weeks);
  2. A written, signed request for affidavit of diploma authenticity from the registrar.

It is the responsibility of the student to mail or otherwise deliver the necessary documents to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office for action. Further details of the requirements for requesting Apostille or other international certification are found at the West Virginia Secretary of State’s website: or by email: