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Faculty are qualified and model best professional practices in scholarship, service, and teaching, including the assessment of their own effectiveness as related to candidate performance; they also collaborate with colleagues in the disciplines and schools. The unit systematically evaluates faculty performance and facilitates professional development.

5c. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Scholarship

5c.1. What types of scholarly work are expected of faculty as part of the institution's and unit's mission?

Shepherd University expects all faculty members to pursue scholarly endeavors that reflect their professional growth, interests and talents while supporting the mission of the university. PEU faculty members are expected to pursue scholarship that strengthens the implementation of the conceptual framework and the teacher education program as well as professional development in the chosen academic discipline (Faculty Handbook, page 31). Scholarly works contribute to the profession, the life of Shepherd University and the success of the unit. The Faculty Handbook describes examples of scholarship as publications in peer reviewed journals, juried art/music and other creative activities, grant productivity, presentations at learned forums and attendance at workshops, consulting and contracted research, and ongoing research, academic awards and honors, and deemed as meeting expectations in professional/institutional service. Publications include individual and collaborative works that demonstrate the unique talents and interests of the faculty. Scholarly work is evaluated as part of every faculty member's annual review and progress toward merit raises, promotion and tenure.

Shepherd University supports the scholarly work of the faculty of the PEU through the fiscal support of professional development (Attachment Z). This includes funding for presentations at Shepherd University Faculty Research Forum, national and regional conferences, sabbaticals for research, support of research that leads to publication, and attendance at professional trainings and workshops.

5c.2. In what types of scholarship activities are faculty members engaged? How is their scholarship related to teaching and learning? What percentage of the unit's faculty is engaged in scholarship? (Review the definition of scholarship in the NCATE glossary.) [A table could be attached at Prompt 5c.3 below to show different scholarly activities in which faculty members are involved and the number involved in each activity.]

PEU faculty members are engaged in scholarship activities that support the mission of Shepherd University, the conceptual framework, and their professional interests related to teaching, learning and assessment. Scholarship activities include Orff and Kodaly music methods, presentations at AERA on social justice, providing literacy strategies to improve outcomes for inner city seventh grade students, research on the history of Storer College, and the acquisition, administration, and assessment of various grants. A sampling of grants includes SPECIALMATH: Integrating Technology for Teaching Standards-Based Special Education and Mathematics grant for $70,555 (2010), Science and Technology Grant for $74,520 (2009), Technology Oversight Committee, and PDS (2005-2010). Teaching topics include inclusion strategies in local schools and published Scholar in English Pedagogy and Literary Studies, "Henry Louis Gates, Jr.," Scribner's American Writers Series (2010); and co-author of Reading Writing Relationships (Kendall Hunt); National and International Conference Presentations, "The Female Voice and Art of Storytelling," CEA Conference, 2010 .

A complete list of faculty research and presentations is located in the electronic Campus Workroom.

5c.3. (Optional Upload for Online IR) Tables, figures, and a list of links to key exhibits related to faculty scholarship may be attached here. [Because BOE members should be able to access many exhibits electronically, a limited number of attachments (0-3) should be uploaded.]
Faculty Handbook, page31
Center for Teaching and Learning:
Faculty Research:
Attachment Z: PEUC Manual
NCATE/AIMS/PRS: Faculty Qualifications and Scholarship


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