Women's Caucus Meeting

September 13, 1999

In attendance: Robbie Cordle, Judy Brandenburg, Hannah Geffert, Monica Lingenfelter, Chris Lundberg, Sharon Kipetz, Marie Carter, Lynn Hanson, Sally Urban

Monica Lingenfelter was congratulated for her securing of the $500,000 gift from Mr. Leonard J. McCormack of Clear Brook, Virginia. Monica said it took some cultivating but the reward was worth it. She expects more good things for Shepherd College to come.

Unheard Voices: Judy Brandenburg discussed the exhibit and the work involved with having it run smoothly. The exhibit will be in the College Center Storer Ballroom from October 1 -15, 1999. Judy said the Women's Shelter is making counselors available should viewers need them. She also said that she needs volunteers to serve as hosts at the door of the event. Women's Caucus representatives plan to assist Judy with hosting responsibilities but other volunteers are welcome. President Dunlop plans to offer a reception/viewing for faculty and staff to visit the exhibit before it's opening. Faculty, students and staff are encouraged to view this exhibit.

The Health Fair is being held on October 7, 1999 in the Ram's Den. Plan to visit, it's for your health.

The Health Center is offering breast exams and pap smears at a minimal cost to Shepherd College staff.

Acknowledgment was given to Judy Brandenburg for her work at the College Center. Judy has been working days, evenings and weekends. Thank you, Judy for all of your efforts.

Discussion was held regarding job security and hiring practices for faculty positions. More information is being gathered on this subject.

The need for sensitivity training for managers was discussed. Training is being researched for Shepherd College staff.

Lynn Hanson gave a report on the Administrative Council meeting. She said the mood seemed optimistic and upbeat for the new semester.

Kudos were expressed to Sharon Kipetz for helping breathe new life into Student Affairs. Everyone is excited about her plans and ideas for the division.

Congratulations to Joan Pope. She is the Assistant Athletic Director for Shepherd College.

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