Women's Caucus Meeting


Attendees: Robbie Cordle, Judy Brandenburg, Hannah Geffert, Monica Lingenfelter, Chris Lundberg, Sally Urban, Joy Phillips, Karen Wempe, Marie Carter, Picket reporter.

Joy Phillips began the meeting with information from the Health Center and a work place safety presentation.

FYI: Women 40 and older can have pap smears and breast exams at the Health Center for a maximum of $3.00.

Joy discussed campus safety and emergency services on the Shepherd College campus. Joy shared that Residence Life has an Emergency Services Manual that serves that area very well and felt all offices would eventually have such a manual.

  • Locking doors when alone in ones office was recommended
  • The Health Center has invested in an intercom system (baby monitor) which has been very helpful in that area.
  • It is important to communicate with colleagues when uncomfortable in situations
  • There is a better relationship being built with the campus police and they are taking the lead in evaluating situations on campus
  • Call boxes are located throughout the campus and are to be used in case of emergencies
  • Office safety issues were discussed and Joy impressed upon the group that all offices should have gloves in case of contact with dangerous fluids whether human or other
  • We learned that due to no adult supervision on the campus in the evenings at this time, Sharon Kipetz and Harry Young carry cellular phones to be available to Resident Assistants or other administrators during off-hours.
  • There was discussion about the safety issue among several employees of Shepherd. This was especially a concern in the evening hours. Joy invited us to share our concerns with her and she would take them to the committee

Judy Brandenburg gave us a report on the Unheard Voices exhibit.

  • Six hundred people had attended the exhibit last week. There is one week left.
  • 30-50 percent of the attendees thus far reported that they had been assaulted or raped.
  • Jason Dilley, the artist, made five masks of individuals at the Shepherd site. He extended his visit a few days due to request to have masks made for display.
  • Anyone who has not seen the exhibit is encouraged to do so. It is in the College Center Ballroom until Oct. 15.

Many thanks to Judy Brandenburg for all of her efforts and emotion in bringing this exhibit to campus and seeing it through for its two week stay.

Marie Carter has scheduled a teleconference on campus with the Women in Higher Education conference to be held on March 27, 2000 and March 29, 2000. The conference theme is Women's Voices: Imagining Ourselves into the 21st Century/Women's Solutions: Setting a National Agenda for the 21st Century. More information will be available as this teleconference comes near. Stay tuned.

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