Women's Caucus Meeting

November 9, 1998

Announcements: The revised Women's Caucus brochure will be distributed campus-wide before Thanksgiving break.

Training Event: Working Women: Building Professional Skills at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg on November 17th (Small Business Development Center at Shepherd is one of the sponsors)

Joy Phillips, Director of Women's Services, Health Center, gave an informative update on the health-related services for our students. She noted the following:

l. As of October 31st there have been 130 students who have utilized the Family Planning Services on campus this semester (enrollment is larger).

2. The scope of the campus health approach is changing and more students are taking advantage of services.

3. Staff shortage still presents a problem as they try to grow to meet the students' needs.

4. All clinics are full through December and there is a waiting list for January.

5. The Health Center is hoping to look into grant money that would help provide services for the students which are not available at this time.

6. Both Pat Sherwood and Joy will hopefully attend the stat sponsored "Public Health Nurse Physical Assessment Training" program. This would enable them to do examinations under supervision of Dr. Kellogg, who is in support of this training.

7. Programs have been given on topics dealing with students and their health.

8. Two areas which the Center hopes to provide for our male students are testicular exams and developing better communication and relationship skills.

9. Couples are coming to the Health Center for the following services: emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and prenatal education, and family planning. Prior to this semester, the majority of students have been women. Now, their partners are taking a more active role by also using the services.

10. Parents of students have expressed support of the educational aspect of the program. We encourage all women who are sexually active to get PAP smears as well as those 18 or older who are not sexually active. The staff's philosophy is, "We don't condone, we don't condemn."

11. There has been an increase in female students getting alcohol sanctions this year.

Next meeting: Monday, Dec. 14th at noon in the College Center. This is the day before final exams begin. Send agenda items/comments/concerns to Anna Mary Walsh at awalsh or call 876-5221.

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