Women's Caucus Meeting

November 20, 1997

Dr. Daniel Starliper, Director, Human Resources opened the meeting saying the President has until the end of the month to decide to accept the 10 faculty and 8 staff who have applied for the severance package. This means in fall 2000, the College will have the opportunity to replace 10 faculty members. There has been one female faculty resignation this semester. With 124 full-time faculty, 46 are women (37%) and 11 are minorities (9%). The percentage of women faculty is not reflective of the percentage of the student body. Women faculty should be encouraged to go for promotions.

Among the classified staff, 62.5% are women, but there is very little turn over and the top administrators are not women. A "nonclassified employee" means an individual who is responsible for policy formation at the department or institutional level or reports directly to the president. The Director of Financial Aid will stay nonclassified. The hiring freeze is off. There will be no discretionary pay or merit raises until the Mercer scale is funded.

There is no training presently scheduled for supervisors, but overtime has become an issue in one department.

Judy Kepple reported on an addition to the sexual harassment brochure that will be discussed at a committee meeting after the break. There was some discussion about this language being consistent with the new Affirmative Action plan. It was hoped the brochure would have been available for the Fall semester. There was some discussion about the make-up of the Affirmative Action Committee and whether a representative from the Women's Caucus should be a member.

There was no report on the sexual harassment conference due to illness and the report of the first chlamydia case on campus requiring the health center staff's time. There was some discussion about the status of the STD Clinic proposal and if the committee appointed has ever met.

The next meeting is Monday, December 1. Agenda items to include:

  • days and times to meet next semester

  • facilitator for next semester or rotate

  • speakers for meetings including: Athletic Committee

  • support for women's sports programs

No meeting will be held December 18.

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