Women's Caucus Meeting

May 10, 1999

June 5th, Washington, DC
Karen Wempe will be sending the first 25 registration forms to race headquarters on Thur. May 13th. BUT IT'S NOT TOO LATE! All additional walkers may send the form and $20 registration fee to her to be sent on May 23rd. Since we did not have the response we anticipated on campus, the information will be distributed to the community. Karen will meet with Valerie Owens to send information to the local newspapers.

The Shepherd College Alumni Association is sponsoring a chartered bus for those who need transportation to the race. The bus will be leaving the campus at 6:00 a.m. and returning at approximately 1:30 p.m. The Caucus expresses its appreciation to the Association and President Julie St. Marie for their support.

(on diversity and climate of our campus)
Sally Urban, representative on the Commission for the Caucus, gave the following information:

A name for the commission would be given, once its members had given it more thought.

Some ideas were race, diversity, tolerance, acceptance, and understanding differences. Along with faculty, staff, and student representation on the Commission, numerous groups represented are: Multicultural Student Services; Affiarmative Action Committee; College NAACP; ALLIES; International Students; Athletics; and Women's Studies.

The president's desire was to identify five projects which are reasonable and affordable. Some sample ideas he had were to develop small focus groups, have educational spots in the Picket, distribute a "credit card" which would state, "You are part of the problem if..../You are part of the solution if...." Goals were discussed but, with some commission members not here in the summer, the next meeting will not be until fall. The group is to submit suggestions of possible initiatives to co-chairs Linda Tate and Doug Cooper. Ideas will be shared over an email listserve and finalized in the fall.

Anyone who has ideas or thoughts about how the commission can achieve its initiatives should contact Sally by email, surban@shepherd.edu

Other comments:
1. People need to define the problem better (be more specific).
2. Focus groups may be able to get at the factual information.
3. Maybe the commission can inventory all the different organizations/groups who share the same concerns and are taking action on issues, instead of duplicating efforts/information. (Examples: ALLIES, ARA, Student NAACP, Multicultural Student Services, etc.)
4. If we do have forums/programs, we need to act upon the concerns...not just document them.
5. We need to celebrate things that have been done to show there is hope in achieving the commission's initiatives.

Anna Mary Walsh stated that she has contacted Dan Weeks of Phi Mu Alpha (music fraternity) to see if they would be interested in providing pep band during the women's basketball games next season.

There was positive feedback from those who attended the Comfortable and Creative Styles for Professional Dress on April 26th. Our thanks to the Classified Employees Staff Development Committee for sponsorship.

Both Sally Urban and Robbie Cordle stated that the Working Women event at Coolfont on May 6th was extremely beneficial to those who attended. Special thanks goes to Christina Lundberg for her part in organizing this professional training as well as providing networking opportunities.

Marie Carter announced that Chris is always looking for speakers for future workshops. Anyone with ideas should contact Chris.

(Always the second Monday of each month at noon).

Next meeting: Monday, June 14th at noon in the Cumberland Room, College Center
Some Agenda Items:
Report on Race for the Cure
Reception for Vice-President Sharon Kipetz at Beginning of Fall Term

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