Women's Caucus Meeting

July 12, 1999

We discussed the reception for Dr. Kipetz who said she would be honored to attend on August 26th from 4:00 to 5:30. We will contact administrative officers to see if any other receptions are planned and coordinate if necessary. Contacts with the sororities will be made to co-sponsor. We will check into announcements in The Record, The Picket and possible invitations. We will bring mailing lists to the next meeting and want to ensure women athletes are invited.

There has been no response from the music fraternity about playing at women's basketball games. Contact will be made with Coach Blose about paying for the band to be sure Title IX regulations are followed.

The Caucus will work to ensure the success of Unheard Voices in October. It seems many other higher ed institutions will be bringing bus loads of students to SC to view the exhibit.

Questions were raised about another copy of The Record as there seems to be several job openings.

There was some discussion about the recent removal of shrubs on the campus and the goal of the overall beautification project and the official SC colors.

Members talked about the CATF plays and were pleased with what they had viewed.

The next meeting is August 9th from noon to 1:00. Dr. Robbie Cordle will chair for the fall semester. One item of business for the August meeting is reviewing the Campus Security Annual Report once it is published.

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