Women's Caucus Meeting

January 21, 1998

1. Facilitator - The caucus thanked Sally Urban for facilitating the caucus last semester. Kerry Fay will be the facilitator for the spring semester.

2. Meeting with Dr. Dunlop - Hannah Geffert, Laura Neal, Sally Urban and Kerry Fay will represent women's caucus in a meeting with Dr. Dunlop to discuss women's treatment on campus. Concerns include hiring, retention of employees, hostile work environments and no mentoring or guidance for new employees (exceptions were noted.) Many examples were shared with particular concern for a faculty member who has been asked to resign after a short time of employment.

3. Sexual Harassment - The sexual harassment brochures are printed and being distributed in dorms. It is unclear how the brochures are being made available to commuter students. A group from California is willing to review the brochures and procedures on campus for $3,500 but the money is not being made available. There was general agreement that sexual harassment must be addressed from "the top." This could include anything from a letter addressing sexual harassment to mandatory sexual harassment training.

4. Women's Athletics - Anna Mary will set up a meeting with members of the athletic committee. There is talk of getting rid of men's soccer to come closer to Title IX compliance, rather than give allow women to participate in more sports. This is in keeping with the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law.

Agenda: February 11, 1998 Noon
(date change from February 18)

  • Meeting with members of the Athletic Committee - purpose of committee, membership and appointments, and Title IX.

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